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Go Grippers™ Vehicles - Race Car 3 Pack

SKU: 10864-2 BRAND: oBall VIEWS: 149
AED 89   109

Go Grippers™ Vehicles - Race Car 3 Pack

On your marks, get set and GO with the Go Grippers Race Car set! Vroom and zoom all around the living room on a race to Ha-Ha-Highway. The signature Oball design is made with finger holes, so these cars are easy to pick up and impossible to put down! No need to pump the breaks on playtime, the virtually indestructible toy is built for speed and lasting fun. And with three cars in this package, little brother or sister can join in on the racetrack adventure. With laughter paving the way ahead, it’ll be a close call between you and baby to see who has the most fun!

*It's a race through baby’s imagination! *Includes 3 race-car themed Go Grippers *Oball material is flexible and durable *Includes finger holes for little hands to grab *Compatible with other Go Grippers playsets